How do I test a Hired Web Developer service?

We will schedule a conference call with the developer before you decide. You can interview the candidate/candidates before you finalize any or all of them. The best way to test-drive our service is to hire a programmer for a part-time basis or buy 10 hours of services. We do not offer free trials.

What if I do not like the programmer?

Although this is most unlikely, in case you have problems with your developer your first point of contact would be our dedicated manager in the USA. We will make sure to immediately take off the developer from your project and provide you a replacement ASAP.

How many apps have you worked on?

Vynx provides web development services for 7+ years and mobile application development services for 4+ years. We have executed nearly 100+ mobile application development projects in the past 4 years.

What happens if you become sick during the project?

We have a talented team of in-house professionals. They are part of the mobile application development team. So in case if a resource working on your project gets sick, another alternate resource equally capable and efficient will take over almost immediately.

What are some critical roles in a digital marketing company?

A digital marketing company should have an impactful content writer, a strategy builder, SEO specialist, a Social media manager and most importantly a marketing expert to set goals with the exact target audience.

Why pay for SEO services monthly?

SEO is an on-going process. It requires the implementation of various strategies and techniques before you achieve a benchmark result. With monthly services, the benefit is that you can make changes at the end of the month in the things you want to include/exclude from your strategy. In a way, you can create a feedback loop based on your monthly reports. Thus it is preferable to avail monthly SEO packages.

Is SEO a good investment?

Yes! SEO is a very good investment. Due to mobiles and the internet, SEO is becoming even more important for small as well as big businesses. Due to higher search engine rankings, businesses gain credibility.