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The purpose of this list is to provide a catalog of products and services the Mont Alto Information Technology Services department is responsible for maintaining and/or supporting. The list contains items that are time intensive and require a great deal of dedicated time to support and maintain, while other items require less time. The document does not differentiate between these products or services and is strictly a listing of all products and services supported by the local ITS staff.


User Services – Helpdesk

Audio & Visual Services

  • A/V Sign-Out Equipment
  • A/V Event Support
  • Media Commons
  • Common Area A/V Needs
  • A/V Equipment Training

User Support

  • End User Support – Telephone/Helpdesk
  • Hardware Support
  • Software Support
  • Classroom Technology Support
  • Student, Faculty, and Staff Account Creation and Password Support
  • Video Conferencing Support
  • Provide support for central ITS services.
  • Maintain Faculty and Staff Helpdesk Tracking System.

Campus Printing

  • Ink, Toner, and Paper Supplies
  • Track Usage & Semester Billing
  • Student – Print Billing System